Infrastructure as a Service

We develop and coach you how to build an Infrastructure as a Service from the Development Workflow to Production.

You will be able to run your application in multiple environments and provision ephemeral environments.

Below is an example with a Pull Request workflow.

Pull Request workflow example


  1. Developers fork the master branch to work on their feature.
  2. Start the the development of their feature.
  3. Once finished, they make a pull request.
  4. Which trigger the Pull Request pipeline.
  5. Which build, package and start the creation of an ephemeral environment.
  6. On which the package is deployed and run automated test.
  7. If automated test, the product owner or quality assurance is notified for further validation.
  8. Upon validation, the pull request is accepted, the ephemeral environment is destroyed.
  9. The production pipeline is triggered to deploy the feature in production.

Tools Integration

We integrate your tools like Jira, git, slack, application monitoring with continuous integration, delivery and/or deployment in the workflow that suits you best your organization and product development.

Dedicated and scalable

We automate your infrastructure to be automatically provisionned and right-scaled based on its environment.

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