What we do

What we do

We promote Agile and DevOps best practices in web development, and support our customers and partners in the definition and implementation of industrialization and quality assurance strategies.

We work on the design and development of loosely coupled system infrastructure and applications (micro-services, API-centric design), Agile Delivery concepts, best practices in unit and acceptance testing, Cloud infrastructure architecture and DevOps culture.

We identify your Value Stream bottlenecks from Business to Development to Operations in order to streamline your Product Development, with the goal to increase your Business value throughput.

To help you achieve these goals we developed continuousphp, a Platform as a Service to easily implement Continuous Delivery/Deployment workflows for web applications.

«It is not only about IT, it is about organization adapting continuously
to market changes! It’s about Business!»

Continuous S.A.
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