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Our DevOps coaching approach


DevOps, a cultural change that enable companies to develop product faster and better.

In this ever-changing and fast moving world, companies developing a product can rarely assume that the market will wait or that a competitor won’t introduce something smaller, better and faster at a lower price.

Therefore, reducing time-to-market is a key requirement for success and can be a competitive advantage for those that do it right.

A DevOps culture will enable you to achieve this and we will work with you to :

Agile and DevOps to Streamline your Product Development


Using value stream mapping, we will improve your flow of information and processes required to develop your product. We will identify the bottlenecks from product specification to production, streamlining your Product Development.

Increase your release rate


An Important part of the Product Development will be to increase the release rate. With the help of DevOps tools and practices we will work with you to automatize your product build, testing, packaging and deployment. With the help of our PaaS continuousphp – a highly scalable Continuous Delivery/Deployment platform – you will increase your release rate very quickly, with minimal implementation and maintenance effort. With a deployment pipeline strategy you will deliver much faster and reduce your maintenance work.

Increasing your release rate reduce your risk as well.

Reduce your maintenance time


Maintenance is often a real bottleneck, blocking the delivery of value and breaking the motivation of the development team. Implementing testing practices like Unit Testing with PHPUnit or functional testing with Behat or CodeCeption will reduce your maintenance time and increase the self-confidence of your Development Team.

Accelerate your system management


The closer you will be to production environment, the less problems you will have. We will support you in coding your systems provisioning. Using tools like Chef, Ansible or Puppet we will provision your systems to have a replicable, testable and reliable system management. With the use of Vagrant your developers will have a fully operational environment for development.

Migrate to a hybrid or complete Cloud infrastructure


Follow on our Cloud Migration page for more informations.

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