Agile Coaching

Our Agile Coaching Approach


We coach your Team to adopt and improve Agile principles and practices with our iterative Agile coaching approach.

Those Agile principles and practices foster collaboration and common values. We help implementing standardized processes and workflows that work for you in your context, iteratively without revolutionizing your organization.

And for this we will work with you on different subjects.

Agile Coaching in Product management


Agile is not some IT stuff, it’s a wide organizational change enabling the Business to be Agile. Product Management is a part of this change.

Everything starts at the Business. Your company wants to provide a new service to grow your business, a new functionality that will differentiate you from a competitor.

The focus needs to be set on the customer and to be adapted based on your customers feedback. Agile Product Management is the practice that enables your product manager, your developers and your operation to have a common understanding of the business goal to deliver. It helps you to deliver in an iterative way to get feedback as fast as possible.

In our Agile coaching session we use tools and techniques like Product Canvas, Personas, Story Mapping, User Stories and Specification by example to have a better understanding, to visualize and prioritize Product features to be delivered.

A Collaborative work place is fundamental to achieve that.

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Collaborative work

Product Owner and Developers common understanding on product features
Silos are one of the root causes of the communication issues that prevent informations to be available rapidly. If your product manager is only available once a month, don’t expect your development team to be Agile, neither your company to be.

Of course, constraints need to be taken into account, and time management needs to be put in place to enable that communication.

Our agile coaching session will enable you to identify the processes and workflows that works best for you, when and how the business and development team needs to meet and how they have to communicate to have a common understanding of the next feature to deliver.

The same applies to the operations department.

Implementing standardized processes and workflows


Using Value Stream Mapping – a method to analyze the current and to design a future state for the series of events that take your product from its beginning to its customer – we will identify your activities with little or no added value and optimize queues in order to streamline your Product Development, implement processes and workflows with the goal to increase your Business value throughput.

Workflow with Value Stream Mapping

Improving interoperability and adopt unified tools


These processes and workflows will be eased with the help of unified tools like continuousphp, system provisioning tools (Ansible, Chef, Salt), programmed infrastructure in the cloud (AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform) or on premise, with an integration between all these tools to have a fast feedback loop.

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