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More and more companies move to the Cloud, and for good reasons :

  • Cost Savings: Pay for what’s being used instead of paying for unused resources.
  • Scalability: Relying on a cloud-based infrastructure means that organizations are able to cope with peaks and troughs of demand.
  • Increase Speed & Agility: Rapidly develop, test and launch software apps that drive business growth.
  • No Need to guess Capacity: Preventing over-provisioning for about 95 percent of the year.
  • Move from Capital Expense to Variable Expense: Delivering services over the cloud means that costs become adjudged as OPEX with a monthly budget.
  • Go global in minutes: Public Cloud provides services around the world enabling you to be global in minutes.
  • Increase Innovation when costs of failure approach zero: There is a reasons why Startup’s loves it, with minimal cost, they can experiment and adapt very quickly based on their business growth.
  • Focus on business: Increased pace of product development and marketing programs that better align IT infrastructure with the goals and business objectives.

The usual patterns of migration are:

  1. Dev & Test: Starting with the Development and test environments is the ideal. Coding your infrastructure enables you to automate the creation of parametrized, lightweight, ephemeral and reproducible infrastructures for development validation and automated testing.
  2. True Production: Once you have a coded infrastructure in Dev & Test, you can use it to create your production infrastructure, stress it and find the right-sizing and right-scaling for production use.
  3. Mission Critical: If you have a Mission-critical apps, you must ensure secure, high-available, resilient infrastructure and data. Most public Cloud provider provides high encryptions, multi Availability Zones, Multi-sites solutions with load balancing, DNS fail-over and all the tools to implement fast Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives approaching zero-downtime.
  4. All-in: Corporate standard, Cloud First!


Our migration approach


Our migration approach is a Phase-Driven Strategy:

  1. Classifying your IT Assets
  2. Defining your TCO Cost Assumptions
  3. Assessing your Security and Compliance
  4. Assessing the Technicals of your app(s)
  5. Defining your Success Criteria
  6. Working on Proof of Concept Early

Many organizations are extending or moving their business applications to the Cloud to simplify infrastructure management, deploy quicker, provide greater availability, increase agility, allow for faster innovation, and lower their cost.

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