Application Cloud readiness

Does my application is ready for the public Cloud ?

Before going any further, let’s give some definition about the difference between Scaling-up and Scaling-out:

Scale-up is to increase the server’s ressources (addition of RAM or CPU). This usually happen to large application which have tight coupling with the system, the only way to handle more traffic is then to add more server’s ressources.

Scale-out is to increase the number of servers in order to respond to the increased load of an application. This implies that the application has been developed in terms of distribution, that it can be executed in parallel on several servers. This is usually for API centric, SOA and micro-services.

Let’s talk about business criticality and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your online businesses must be effectively open 24×7 ?
  • Does your software is at the core to the operation of your business ?


So the type of application you are running and your business criticality will define the type of infrastructure you need.

If your business is critical and you have a legacy type application, it is usually a matter of breaking the dependencies and tight coupling with the system to enable your software to scale-out and take advantages of the public cloud services.

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