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FOSDEM 2017 Talks

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Here a quick return about the talks that raise our interest.

Kubernetes Operators

Managing Complex Software with Software

By: Josh Wood

“Stateless is Easy, Stateful is Hard”

An Operator is an application-specific controller that extends the Kubernetes API to create, configure, and manage instances of complex stateful applications on behalf of a Kubernetes user. It builds upon the basic Kubernetes resource and controller concepts but includes domain or application-specific knowledge to automate common tasks.

There is currently two working example:

  1. The etcd Operator creates, configures, and manages etcd clusters. etcd is a reliable, distributed key-value store introduced by CoreOS for sustaining the most critical data in a distributed system, and is the primary configuration datastore of Kubernetes itself.
  2. The Prometheus Operator creates, configures, and manages Prometheus monitoring instances. Prometheus is a powerful monitoring, metrics, and alerting tool, and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project supported by the CoreOS team.

For more information, visit the Introducing Operators page

gRPC 101

Building fast and efficient microservices

By: Ray Tsang

gRPC is a high performance, open source, general RPC framework that puts mobile and HTTP/2 first. gRPC is based on many years of Google’s experience in building distributed systems – it is designed to be low latency, bandwidth and CPU efficient, to create massively distributed systems that span data centers, as well as power mobile apps, real-time communications, IoT devices and APIs. It’s also interoperable between multiple languages.

For more information, visit the gRPC site.

PHP in the graph

By: Damien Seguy

Graph databases come with enhanced connectivity of data and whiteboard friendly paradigm. It requires learning a new Graph Traversal Language, that crawls the network and brings informations. It’s indeed a fresh new look at how we store web of data and search for it. We’ll meet gremlin, from Apache TinkerPop, which provides an abstract layer that make it easy to express your business logic without fighting with the code, and several Open Source graph databases, available for testing and toying.

Watch the Talk!

You can also look at Damien Seguy Sides.

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