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Having Communication problems ?

Agile Team
  • Agile Product management
  • Increase collaborative work
  • Implement standardized processes and workflows
  • Improve interoperability and adopt unified tools
  • Continuous Improvements

Application too complex or slow ?

Micro Services
  • Refactor your application
  • Break your dependencies (Loose coupling)
  • Make your Application cloud-ready
  • Performance improvements
  • Automate your testing

Taking too long to market ?

Continuous Delivery Deployment
  • Increase your release rate
  • Streamline your Product Development
  • Reduce your maintenance
  • Accelerate your system management
  • Migrate to a hybrid or complete Cloud infrastructure

What we do

We promote Agile and DevOps best practices in web development, and support our customers and partners in the definition and implementation of industrialization and quality assurance strategies.

We work on the design and development of loosely coupled system infrastructure and applications (micro-services, API-centric design), Agile Delivery concepts, best practices in unit and acceptance testing, Cloud infrastructure architecture and DevOps culture.

We identify your Value Stream bottlenecks from Business to Development to Operations in order to streamline your Product Development, with the goal to increase your Business value throughput.

To help you achieve these goals we developed continuousphp, a Platform as a Service to easily implement Continuous Delivery/Deployment workflows for web applications.

«It is not only about IT, it is about organization adapting continuously
to market changes! It’s about Business!»

Application Complexity / Performance

Applications grow over time. You start with a small piece of software, but along with the business needs the list of functionalities and used tools keeps growing.

At this point, the structure of an application often starts to become confusing and the code more and more monolitic. If this process goes on over the years, you will have then an application that is bridle and slow because of too many bottlenecks.

Agile Product Management and Collaborative Work

A common language needs to be shared between developers and product manager. To have that feeling that we are part of a Team sharing a common goal : “how to deliver better and faster business value!”

Agile principles and practices foster that collaboration and common values. They help implementing standardized processes and workflows that work for you in your context, iteratively without revolutionizing your organization.

Meet our Team of Experts

Oswald De Riemaecker Agile & DevOps Evangelist


Agile & DevOps Evangelist

Agile and DevOps Evangelist. By working for many years on various projects, Oswald has been experiencing diverse project management methodologies, Agile practices and principles have proven to be the most successful. He supports and coaches development teams so that they implement these principles and practices, including Agile development such as Unit Testing, BDD, Continuous Integration/Delivery and Deployment. Being a Linux and Open Source supporter for many years, he’s a firm believer in the DevOps culture. He coaches and gives the best tools to developers in order to streamline the product development till deployment.

He likes shaping infrastructures as code so he can build scalable cloud infrastructure.


Software & Cloud Architect

Continuous Delivery/Deployment addict in the PHP world. After many years of consultancy, Frederic met his partners and created continuousphp in order to help PHP developers to adopt industry standards. He’s also a senior consultant and IT trainer specialized in PHP apps testing (unit test, behavior test…), Zend Framework (also a contributing developer), Zend Server and JavaScript technologies.

Particularly interested in industry best practices, Continuous Delivery, application and system architecture, he worked on critical cloud infrastructure for the last few years. Frederic is co-organizer of AWS meetup in Luxembourg.


Cloud Architect and Developer 

Pierre has accomplished a big number of projects during the last decade.

He has accumulated lots of experience which allowed him to become not only a qualified Full Stack developer but also to know the importance of leading a project in the right direction with his Entrepreneurship mindset.


Agile Project
Management and Team Lead

Daniel has been an IT consultant in various missions and businesses. He is particularly interested in project management, processes, business modeling and information system architecture implementation. He has evolved in a wide variety of projects and businesses, in an iterative trip theory/practice-practice/theory.


Agile Digital Product

Stéphane has a background in the Digital Media, Technology and Business sector with a solid experience of contributing to the growth and strategic planning objectives in start-ups as well as established operations. He has been developed a multidisciplinary repertoire of skills and competencies in executing and implementing strategies, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities, and exceeding client’s expectations.

Strategic expert with a flair for adapting quickly to dynamic quality focused environments and adopting pragmatic approach in improvising on technically robust solutions and resolving complex issues.

He is interested in digital transformation, agility, strategy and execution of organizations with a special focus on Media & Entertainment, Culture, AI, Blockchain & VR / AR.

He is certified DevOps fundamental and preparing the DevOps Leadership certification.


Trainer & Cloud Developer

In the business of IT for 20 years Antoine never ceased to evolve and train me. Today council in internet and web architecture. He give’s training on various Cloud Technologies as well as DevOps best practices including Continuous Integration/Delivery application software engineering.


Cloud Developer

Anthony has worked on various projects around PHP frameworks according to the best practices. He has a strong experience in testing to ensure non-code regression and business rules validation. Interested in DevOps, He’s now working on Cloud and infrastructure as code projects.


Sales Director & Agile Contract

Clément has a Sales and Marketing background.
He has sold software and professional services for the last decade, and he’s been working enthusiastically within the PHP ecosystem for 7 years.

Through trust and long term follow-up within strategic business alliances, Clément is excellent at building strong and personal relationships with customers and partners.

He also provides coaching with business agile contract strategy.

Our Business Partners

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Continuous supports many customers in their Agile and DevOps transformation from various domains from Media, Web Agencies to Retails, Industrials and Real Estate. What ever your are a Start-ups or a large company, we enable you to work more effectively and market your product or project faster.

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